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Meet Your Webmaster!

The Site

This place is mostly a playground for me :3 there is some of my poetry hidden in its depths, but primarily it is just a website for the sake of it! The site was first published to neocities on December 30, 2021 though I had been playing with code for a few months before publishing. While I originally began my site design using Google, it is currently and will likely continue to be best viewed on Firefox. I've used regular old Notepad, Notepad++, Adobe Dreamweaver, the Neocities editor, and occasionally CodePen in the making of this site. I have relied heavily on StackExchange posts to help me solve issues in my css code, so THANK YOU StackExchange!!!

The Webmaster

As you may have noticed upon viewing this site's index, I am a man of many names! Most people just call me Fin, so that works for me ^-^!! For the sake of succinctness, below (and in the jar on the bottom right of your screen) is a list of info I am willing to share. For a more exhaustive list of lists of things I enjoy, check out the interests page, hidden in the miscellaneous section!