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These are PERSONAL LIFE journals! i think that is what a blog is... Technical Stuff is what the journal page is for; here we just want to talk about MEEEE! ^-^

blog 3! 04/16/24

happy SUPER belated Transgender Day of Visibility, i started writing this post a couple of days after it happened, but i kept forgetting to post it. i didn't really do much besides exchanging "happy tdov!"s with my friends, on that day i went to an easter lunch with some extended family and i got to talk to my cousin about video games which was nice :) he's going to college for an IT degree like i plan to do initially, and i don't get to talk to him as much as id like to. i don't know if his focus will be the same as mine or not (i thiiiiink the school he goes to, that i'll be going to, offers one focused on cybersec and one focused on infosys and id be doing the infosys one).
ummm i was on break a few weeks ago now, tdov was my last day of break and it was kind of sad because i had thought i had a two week break. i had spent the whole first week resting thinking that i would spend the whole second week reading books, and then there WAS NO SECOND WEEEEEK auuuuhgh so i had a bunch of books and a lot less time than anticipated to read them. ive gotten through only two of them :/ they were supposed to be for library book club but Oh the tragedy that hath befallen us, in the 30 minutes between me getting home from a walk and my mom and i walking outside so she could drive me to the library a treebranch fell and shattered her back windshield. so i didn't get to go to book club after all </3 BUT i DID get to go to my anime club on saturday !!! we watched "Mashle" it was fun!!! i'm really hoping that we can watch dungeon meshi soon because i don't have a netflix account so i can't watch it on my own (well... but i'd rather legit watch since it is so new still...) but anime club is cancelled for the forseeable future ! noooo </3 !!! because the store has to set up for free comic day. but it is okay ^-^ i forgive them... I Guess...
i have been working once again on minecraft server stuff. oh the trials and tribulations... i set everything up running 1.20.4 with a bunch of mods, but one of the ones i wanted was only available in 1.20.1 so i uninstalled everything and reinstalled for that version, but then my friends mentioned that their computers can't run very many mods so i cut the mod amount in half and tried to run it, but it wouldn't run citing some error with mixins and spongeformed something or other. every time i looked up error codes i was getting i got forum posts telling me "it could be annnnyyyy mod so many mods use mixins" so i started to reinstall every mod manually, but i couldn't do that again so as a final attempt i copied another error code and guess what the issue was... I DIDN'T HAVE JAVA 17 INSTALLED..... once i got that installed the server ran perfectly ! ^-^ and i was able to half the amount of client side mods again ! one day i'll actually Play on the server, but 2 me setting it up a million times is sort of a kind of play :3
in my creative writing class, we've started our final independent projects that will stretch until the end of the school year ! i decided to do a sort of hypertext fiction and i think its going to be awesome !!!!! i hope to host it on here one day :3 i keep forgetting to install dreamweaver so i can start working on the actual webpage design, but i kind of want to make sure i have the plot points down solidly before i start building the pages anyways so its fine. smilesssss i really like the story i'm envisioning i'm really excitedddd ^-^
in my culinary class we had a group project this week, yesterday was kind of scary because we went into lab a day earlier than we were all expecting but today things went pretty well. my group made some baked honey barbecue wings and airfried lemonpepper wings #YUMMY augh i just took a bite of the lemonpepper ones they are SO GOOD definitely worth being made late to 2nd block for...
i found out that the wifi got changed at school, so now i don't have to have my computers constantly open in order to get wifi on them #WIN for fin nation!!!!! no more having to get to school early AND no more having to carry two computers around in the hallways all day!!!!
i think that is allllll 4 2day ! i guess im a kind of once a month blog Poster ! see you next month!! or earlier if i decide it to be so....

blog 2! 03/14/24

ahhhhh... another pi day is upon us... smiles... today in my culinary class we did prepwork for little saint patricks day treats the program will be selling at lunch some time ^-^ we had to clean moldy strawberries (shudder...) but we also got to roll cake into balls for cakepops ^-^ whee!
after school i went to the bookclub im in @ the local library ^-^ we talked about "What the River Knows" and talked about the next club meeting. we get to choose what to read ourselves this time, something for women month ! i got Joan Didion's "Let Me Tell You What I Mean," Ada Limón's "The Hurting Kind" and C Pam Zhang's "Land of Milk and Honey" for mine; i might also be checking out Tiffany D. Jackson's "The Weight of Blood" when it gets checked back into the library, if it gets back in time ^-^ i am all caught up with the Dorley Hall series, unless a new chapter has been released since i last checked, and it is still SO GOOD i love it sooo much
last week i figured out how to selfhost a minecraft server! i can run vanilla and (in theory) modded! i had 2 learn how 2 set up port forwarding (FINALLY. i had struggled w understanding it 4 soooo long but it was sooooo simple once i knew where to look)And i even connected my own subdomain to it which was fun 2 figure out :3 i would love to play w ppl, if anyone is interested totally message me on discord or tumblr or what evarrr ! i also have been playing the sims more again, i got a mod that lets your sim do social and medical transition which is really awesome and sooooo nice and i louve it !
i got contact info 4 a girl i knew in elementary school & im rly happy abt it :3 we have had a few classes 2gethr in hs but i am soo bad at conversation so i nevr rly got 2 talk 2 her, ended up asking a friend to ask for me and felt kind of childish like in elementary school when kids would make their friends tell ppl like "so-and-so wants you to be his giiirrllfriend" but i had failed a couple of times to work up the confidence to ask her myself & asking a friend worked perfectly 4 meee smiles. erm.maybe she will read this one day (scared emoji) well hiiiii if uou are reading this do you love my Awesome web site !?
i think that is all 4 this blogpost, byeee all my devoted fans . heart eyes emojiiii !!!!

blog 1! 02/24/24!

i turned 18 in december which means im an adult and am free to make bad decisions about sharing personal information on the internet ^-^ no consequences 4evr please. this weekend i am with my dad visiting a friend of his ^-^ we went shark tooth hunting @ the beach 2day & then went out 2 eat @ a seafood place #yummy ! the other day i made a cohost account which has been fun; it has been an opportunity 4 me 2 practice inline css which i rly don't like but is probably useful 2 know. you should totally join meee ^-^

i have kept myself busy with non-online (or non-interactive online) stuff recently ^-^ ive been going to events @ my local library like video game club, book club, and anime club, & 2 the anime club @ my local comic store ^-^ meeting people and growing my connections 2 my local community which i nevr rly did when i was younger. i watched "Ascendence of a Bookworm" after seeing it @ library anime club and i really enjoyed it ! i have also been busy with school, although i don't have that many classes this year. in culinary last week i made mac and cheese, and in creative writing we just made comics which was fun :3
im reading a few things right now, i started "What the River Knows" by Isabel Ibañez for book club @ the library, and i haven't gotten that far in it yet; im reading "Leviathan Wakes," the first book in the expanse series because i watched the show with my dad and enjoyed it a lot ^-^ i like the book so far but im a bit disappointed that my lovely wife Avasarala hasn't shown up and the book is almost done; im also reading and was immediately enamored with the story of Dorley Hall by Alyson Greaves (ao3 link) ive been reading for like a week and im on the 34th chapter. realllly really enjoyable 2 me . heart emoji ... arrghh its so good. 2 me....
ive also been trying 2 watch NGE & lain just bc ik a lot of people who like them ^-^ ummm besides anime my dad & i have been watching star trek enterprise, we are trying 2 watch all of the star trek shows in order #fun ^-^
soon (next fall semester) ill be going 2 college ! im going 2 be doing an it bachelors or whatever the first degree is, and i also want to get a certificate in linux systems which my school of choice offers. once im done w that ill go 2 a 4yr school for a library sci major and if everything works out after that ill get a library sci doctorate so i can be Dr. [Lastname] ^-^ ok i think thats all for my blog goooodbye 4 now !