About the journals

These are documentation of the times when I make notable changes to the site (notable meaning I have an explanation for/description of the changes and I want to share it) moreso than journals logging my personal life. Personal life is what Status Cafe and the BLOG PAGE are for; here we just want to talk about!

journal! 02/24/24

hiii i just made a blog page for non-technical, personal journaling ^-^ eventually i need 2 figure out how rss works...... scared emoji..... i haven't done much work on the site lately, busy with In Real Life activities :( but (guy who is repeating himself voice) hopefully ill be back 2 work sooon!!!!! i don't know if i've updated the featured song since the last journal, but ill link it anyway because the song right now is the mountain goats & i love tmg ^-^ im due 2 post a new one soon, but not yet. i tried to move this to a blog folder but it did not work /shrug so everything is top layer for now but i do still want 2 make a subsection for all longform journal and blog posts at some point. ok byebye

journal! 11/16/23!

ooh happy no longer halloween month!! there hasn't been *that* much change to the main site except that i turned off the halloween css. i prommy im going to make it something that is regularly updated with new things one day i just need to learn... i am thinking about adding a blog where i can talk more about stuff im doing outside of this site, just because i have been running arch, btw, and have been having fun troubleshooting and learning about how the terminal works, and this page is kind of designated as a site only update zone so thats not really applicable the way things are now. lets see ummm... oh! avid twansgendew neocities followers will have noticed LUNANET being created and edited. i dont anticipate any main-site linkage to lunanet at this point, it is just a silly joke page i am making for a friend, but if it becomes something larger or she gets interested in html/etc and we start collaborating (not necessarily likely) then i plan on moving it to a new neocities page and connecting it with a custom subdomain like luna (dot) twansgendew (dot) net. im planning on learning programming languages EVENTUALLY in which case i WILL create a page to post about what i have learned (possibly create a subsection for blogging with a main page with text thumbnails, and maybe move this page there) and i WILL post on it.

journal! 10/05/23!

oooooh happy halloween month!!! the thought of switching my theme around was enough to get me FINALLY working on the site again ^-^ soon i'll be updating the featured song, not sure what it will be though. what i've done is change the css a little (renamed the og css to cssnormal.css and uploaded a tweaked one with changed colors+backgrounds for fall) and add some pixels from Anakin transbro (thanks!) as well as a gif from. giphy or something idk for the background. rotating skull background is in honor of Strelka, mayor of Angel Town! i still have some old pages that i dont think i ever adapted to the new layout, but i haven't been able to get my copy of dreamweaver working on my linux machine so a stalemate was reached. maybe now i'll put in the effort just using the built in text editor (did you know the text editor on ubuntu has like colorful code display? its just as good as the neocities editor!), but i miss dreamweaver's functionality #heartbroken.. ummmmmm i think thats all, i was going to make the site re-animator themed but might save that for next year when i'll probably have a little more time in between classes to work on personal projects ^-^

journal! 07/21/2023!

finally updating THIS page to the new layout, i think it looks nice though eventually i would like to make the entries more collapsed for easier navigation. THAT is an issue for the future though, i am really proud of the work i've done on this site and i look forward to working more! since last entry i've posted two new featured songs, so go check those out to experience my epic taste in music...

journal! 07/07/2023!

i just updated a bunch of stuff, and i may update more if i can get everything done tonight. if anything is broken then SORRAY lmk and i will try 2 fix it all asap ! this is the culmination of a few months' work, i started redesigning everything at the end of the school year after taking a webpage design class and learning alllllll about designing the web pages B) ALSO i finally got the custom domain "" so YIPPEE!!! umm im possibly going to be learning javascript soon, because i want to learn how to put emojis on my site in a specific way :3 so look forward to that. if i dont finish making all the new pages tonight then look for them in the next few weeks/months! thats all soooo talk 2 u all laterrrr B)

journal! 07/03/2023!

today (and last night) i was working behind the scenes! i've been using dreamweaver for my redesign, there are some things i like abt it but others confuse me, like how if you mark a page as a template it turns it into a different file!? i gave up on that and just continued editing and saving copies of my original template file. i added one whole button to the images page just now, and i renamed some files in the archive (unreachable to you all from within the site, but possibly accessible thru neocities?) in preparation for the eventual movement of EVERYTHING i currently have into there, #crayzay! i dont know when you can expect me to move the old out and introduce the new, hopefully soon though. I have 3/12 pages satisfactorally complete so far ^-^ on the new songs page im making ive set up jump links, and i'll probably set them up on the images page as well. i mayyyy try to make the sections i've set up into collapsibles though i'm still not entirely sure how to make collapsibles do what i want them to lolll. i definitely want these journal pages collapsible eventually! i finished up with the viewports a little while ago, not that they are for sure going to stay exactly the same forever but i have something for phones, tablets, and desktops now which is way more than i can say about this currently active iteration of the site ^-^ i thiiiink thats all, see you all next time!!!

journal! 06/29/2023!

hiiii everyone! i dont expect anything besides this page 2 change on the site 2day, i miiiiiight update the featured song 2morrow since it has not been pi day 4 THREE MONTHS lollll ummm if u saw my post earlier then you know that i am trying to revamp the site! not sure how long it'll take b4 i upload everything new and archive everything old, ive been working with notepad++ but earlier i redownloaded dream weaver (def totally legally.. wink wink) so im using that as well. the new version of the site is gonna be responsive (woahhh!! contemp norm bare minimum achieved!!!) and mobile first whtevr its called becauuseeee i learned abt that stuff in my webpage design class and now i have all the time in the world (summer break) 2 implement it!!! i dont know if i'll still be using a bunch of divs in the new version, i like them but idk how i might fit them into the template ive made as of yet. i do plan on setting up jump links on pages like this and the songs page so around the top (but prob not with the overall nav the way i have it set up) there will be a link to each entry ^-^ alsoooo big plans im gonna try to get the domain soon-ish (which would also mean getting an email address YIPPEE)! i think thats all! possibly gonna be another entry 2morrow but idk yet, depends on what i end up doing :3 byebye 4 now everyone B)

journal! 05/13/2023!

soooo i lied LOL. got home from school and lazed around for an hour or two b4 going 2 the ymca w/my dad! didn't end up getting any of that stuff i had planned done until today! i did rearrange the images successfully and made a marquee with friends' buttons for my front page ^-^ haven't yet added a new song but I am thinking on what i should choose B)

journal! 05/12/2023!

guess who's back!? me!!! typing THIS currently from my phone on the bus, when i get home (to my laptop) i am going to move all my images into an images folder finally! then i will add more to this entry ^-^ see u all then! going to add a new song too! maybe make a marquee with buttons :3

journal! 01/31/2023!

almost two months later! i have been making changes to the site every so often, second semester of school started a few weeks ago for me and i am in a class about web design so i am working on updating the site based on what i learn there, one thing im having to do is go through my html and make sure everything is indented correctly, i think i tried to do that originally but stopped because i didnt understand the point and the neocities editor which i work in at the moment does not automatically indent for you. ummm beyond the site what have i been doing?... OH i did install linux ubuntu onto my laptop and now have it set up to dual boot with windows which i already had installed. i was inspired to install linux after reading about maia crimew (who's button i need to add to my images page eventually) and getting the idea that i would install linux and immediately become like a master hacker like her (did not happen). umm i know what my next featured song will be and i think i will update this post once i've posted it ^-^ it is gonna be regina spektor loveology i think. that is all for this update, see you next time!
Update: 2/13/23
I posted loveology on the featured song page! enjoy!!

journal! 11/12/2022!

hi! i meant 2 make another entry a while ago because i finally started working with folders, i dont have evrything linked up yet but it is all a work in progress now! ALSO i got rid of target="_blank" in links that lead to other pages of this website soooo if u wanna open in new tab u gotta do it yrself ^-^ however links 2 other sites r still _blank-ed. gotta figure out abt that additional stuff u r supposed 2 add, but from what i was reading it seems like it would b redundant to include it bc of browsers being programmed to auto-do that (that being smth abt preventing sites from doing damage [what kind ?] thru _blank-ed links) ummm i joined angel town cafe today & i hope 2 use it often - possibly transition from tumblr (current primary site) 2 smaller sites (micro-micro-blogging ^-^) for a healthier internet experience - also want 2 try 2 join some forums but its daunting bc idk how i would contribute ... OH ALSO previously there was black text that was hard 2 read w/the starry+darkblue background and that has finally been changed 2 white text. one day im gonna figure out how 2 make theme changes possible bc id love 2 have a light-mode/dark-mode option. much 2 do over the summer or even over winter break ^-^ umm a long term goal is 2 join a webring, feel like my site is *too* under-construction atm tho... i should figure out how to set up a way 4 ppl 2 comment on these entries i feel like i would benefit from that but then i might b like "waaah nobody commented on my journal entry 😭😭" & my experience would become social-media-ized which i do not want lol. ALSO as of yesterday ive got my own 88x31 button!!!!!!!!!!!! #win #swag i will improve it once i find an accessable program but 4 now i think itll do perfectly ^-^ also i am going to make a goals page. or like a pop up with javascript mayb i will start working w/javascript beyond stuff made by that one site that u just copy from. OK BYE LOL

journal! 10/09/2022!

as of lastnight post-last-entry all pages are linked up! not as well as i would like them to be in the future, but you can get from home to all of them and from all of them to home so its a start! i think i am getting better sickness-wise which meaaans i will prob b going back 2 school 2morrow i hope not tho i really dont feel like it. umm i DID add more 88x31 buttons 2day in theory they should all link back 2 the sites i got them from ! ^-^ next thing ill do is make a folder maybe a misc folder or smth i really dont know how folders work but i think if i dont start making them now it might be a pain in th future to rearrange the site or smth eye deee kay . potentially a folder for shrines buttt idk ! can u do folders within folders? like miscfolder contains shrinefolder contains etc etc etc? we will see whenever i come back online which if i do end up going back 2 school might not be for a while 💔 ANYWAYS this has beeeen fun and i am enjoying web page designing i cant wait until next year when i get 2 take a school class on it ^-^ okay byebye !! ttyl ly!

journal! 10/08/2022!

this is unfortunately my first journal entry after having this website for almost a year. At the point of creation I didn't consider logging my progress so the time of occurance of anything pre-this-entry is and shall be unknown forevermore...💔 but! all we have is now (epic flaming lips reference), so i might as well start documenting, yk? ^-^ ummm on thursday (10/06/22) i had a cold -> stayed home from school, and i started trying 2 figure out how 2 make columns! and i was having a hard time BUT i did get it after a night of sleep 😎😎, and following that I realized i could make multiple pages for my site which i am doing rn. HOPEfully i will get all currently existing pages linked up by 2nite, but idk if i will, still trying 2 figure out what kind of directory (is that the right word? place where all the links go) i want. ig that is my current goal, following that maybe ill work on getting more buttons from sites i like, and then make a page for writing or smth. i DO need to figure out how slash why to use folders i feel like that is smth i should do before i get too far in lol. okay ! ttyl ly !!!